What is CCTV Cameras

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Today I will explain you how many cctv cameras types. Because 99% customers and technical person don’t know basic types of cctv camera .if we go to the Google write the cctv camera types all the site show the differents types basically cctv camera have two types. other types according to the structure. Awarnes of these things is very important to know how many types of cctv camera especially clients and technician for proper guide line to the customers.Arabain IT services have a expert technical team.that support chose the right cameras according to the customer need.we introduce the different cctv camera packages please check its very cheapest and good quality. we make these packages according to the budget of the customer.its affordable for any customers.
cctv have only two types

IP Camera
Analog Camera

Further bullet camera dome camera, Fish Eye Camera and spy cameras its further types. But all these types draw from these two types.

Analog CCTV Camera

analog-cctv-camera-dvrIn analog cameras we used the coaxal cable for signal transmission. The analog camera we can not directly attach to the LAN like a IP camera. in which used the CCD technique. video quality almost same but only difference video encoding. Analog camera back side have BNC Connector and analog cameras used the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) DVR Port consist of Female BNC Connectors such as picture show.

IP CCTV Camera

ip-cctv-camera-nvrIn IP camera we use the network cable that use in computer networking.in other word you can say LAN cable. using any ip networks such as LAN,WAN. In IP Camera we used the NVR(network Video Recorder) that’s picture show in image with ip camera. IP Camara back side used the female RJ 45 Connector its symbol of ip camera. In NVR side also used the POE RJ 45 Ports. Internet by utilizing a standard web browser or client software user can view the IP Camera video from any local or remote location. just like any other PC on the network, an IP camera is a network appliance. It has own IP address. Connect directly to wire or wireless network .In IP camera used the CMOS technology. IP video streams can be encrypted and difficult to intercept.